Jon at Fast Sails Repairs has over 30 years experience in the sailmaking industry and provides a fantastic service of repairing and altering sails – making sure you receive them back as good and quickly as possible.

Jon will provide customised sail repairs as per your specific requirements. I will conduct a full inspection of your sails to determine all the necessary work. The repair cost will be decided after the inspection.

I also offer Sail Repair Services including:

  • Sail Replacement of a Full Panel
  • Sail Patch Repair
  • Replacement of Batten Elastics and Pockets
  • Alteration of Luffs of Mainsails, Jibs and Genoas
  • Replacement of Sail Windows
  • Spinnaker Repair

Size Alteration

If you want to have your sail size altered, get in touch with Fast Sails Repairs U.K today. I can alter and recut the sail into a better shape or even reduce it in size.

Ultraviolet Strip Replacement

Ultraviolet rays can drastically reduce the strength of your sails if they are left exposed to the sun. Adding UV strips can help reduce the damage caused.

Feel free to contact us below with your Requirements.